The Creepy Crawlies Alphabet

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I have added the illustrations from my children’s book, The Creepy Crawlies Alphabet, to the Children’s Illustration gallery.

These were drawn with graphite pencil, then colored in Photoshop. I kept color rendering to a minimum, instead letting the pencils define forms and edges. The colors were kept a bit muted.

E for Earthworm, from 'The Creepy Crawlies Alphabet' book; Graphite pencil and Photoshop. 2010


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A couple of roosters done as exercises of layered ink/acrylic/oil techniques. The first is a ‘portrait’ you might see on a whiskey bottle, while the second is my nod to Ralph Steadman.

Placed in gallery.


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Here are three of a series of editorial illustrations that were created for a Publications class. They were submitted to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, my local newspaper. The water rights and education editorials were eventually used in the Sunday editions September 12 and 19, 2010.

The water rights piece was drawn in pen and ink and finished in Photoshop, while the education piece was created in Corel Painter. The break in communications was entirely Illustrator.

Macroinvertebrates of the Mississippi River

During early 2010 I did a series of illustrations of macroinvertebrates for the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

The illustrations depicted important species of insect and crustaceans that live in the river systems throughout the country. Each has an important role, whether as food for other lifeforms, predators feeding off these prey species, or as pest species. The exhibit involved the species and their relative tolerances to water pollution.

All images created in Illustrator.

Images placed in gallery.

The Operation- A Nightmare

An exercise in Photoshop coloring. The assignment was for an image involving nightmare or dream imagery. Based on conversations I’ve had, this came to mind. A fire ant, wolf spider, and house fly stand in for the surgery team as the gas mask descends. It’s not a personal nightmare of mine, though.

Drawn with ebony pencil, then scanned and colored in Photoshop, ala James Jean’s technique. My first real exercise in flatting an image before coloring, and I can understand the dislike of the tedious work involved.

Baba Yaga

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Baba Yaga, the Great Witch of Russia and the nearby regions. I created the image as an ink drawing, then scanned and manipulated it in Photoshop.

My concept for Baba Yaga was as the shape shifting sinister witch of legend, transitioning from woman, bird of prey, and tree, with hints of winter.

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