Work and stuff

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I’ve been working on projects for people since my last update. However, they’re either technical drawings or concept sketches covered by NDA’s. When I can update with them, I will. More to follow.

Cthulhu vs. Robots!

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At SCAD’s Generate Event, I created an illustration following the ‘Science Fiction’ theme. So here it is, done in about 8 hours…Chtulhu vs. Giant Robots! 20’s vs. the 50’s! Ray guns and steel versus squamus protoplasm!

This was done in graphite powder and charcoal, with follow-up work in Photoshop.

Old Scratch

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This is just a random illustration challenge for the Illustration Asylum at SCAD. The topic was ‘Red Light District’. So I drew a jaded devil, crushed with ennui. Contracts are stuck all over, neglected.






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