The Endless Factory Tarot deck

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I’m in the initial stages of The Endless Factory, a Tarot deck of my own design. The deck is themed around a vast factory complex, as big as a city, where the workers, consumers, and products blur in a hellish cybernetic conglomeration. Dehumanization goes hand in hand with mechanization.


The start of the deck is the Number III card, The Empress. She commands the Artificial Wombs of the next generation of creations, workers, and who knows what else. Her crown of diodes surmounts her modified head. Representing creativity, she’ll be a good start.


Work and stuff

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I’ve been working on projects for people since my last update. However, they’re either technical drawings or concept sketches covered by NDA’s. When I can update with them, I will. More to follow.

Cthulhu vs. Robots!

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At SCAD’s Generate Event, I created an illustration following the ‘Science Fiction’ theme. So here it is, done in about 8 hours…Chtulhu vs. Giant Robots! 20’s vs. the 50’s! Ray guns and steel versus squamus protoplasm!

This was done in graphite powder and charcoal, with follow-up work in Photoshop.

Old Scratch

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This is just a random illustration challenge for the Illustration Asylum at SCAD. The topic was ‘Red Light District’. So I drew a jaded devil, crushed with ennui. Contracts are stuck all over, neglected.






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