Arachtober 2016

With artists around the world doing Inktober, I am doing my own version, called Arachtober. I will be doing illustrations of various species of arachnids and related critters during the month. They’ll be placed on the Scientific Illustration page. The first two, the Six-Spotted Fishing Spider and the House Pseudoscorpion, are up now. More to come!


Chelifer cancroides, House Pseudoscorpion. Adobe Illustrator. 2016

Drawing Teaching

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Well, it’s been a good six weeks into my teaching job at Kennesaw State University. I’ve been teaching Drawing I & II foundations courses. As my students work, I work alongside them. These images are some of the sample drawings I’ve done to teach techniques.


Elephant Statue; Conte crayon on midtone paper
Nymph (based on bust reproduction); Charcoal (compressed)
Horse (based on statue); Charcoal (compressed and vine)
Heracles [or Hercules?] (based on bust reproduction); Graphite pencil

Spring Bugs

I’m doing another round of entomological illustrations, this time insects and related critters in a Spring theme. They can be found in my Scientific Illustration gallery page.

Humbugs 2015

Continuing from Arachtober, I’m doing a series of illustrations for the Christmas season. These will be more varied, as it will cover all of the buggies to choose from. First off though, is an Ant Mimic Spider, sort of bridging the gap. More to come, posted in my Scientific Illustration page.


Myrmarachne melanotarsa, Ant Mimic Spider; Abobe Illustrator. 2015
Myrmarachne melanotarsa, Ant Mimic Spider; Abobe Illustrator. 2015

Arachtober 2015

I’ve been adding new illustrations to the Scientific Illustration gallery here, with the theme of Arachtober- Spiders, Scorpions, Mites, and related species. All done in Adobe Illustrator, I’m adding as many as I can for the rest of October.

Apartment Property Sitemaps

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I have been working the last year on freelance work for Network Communications, the publishers of Apartment Finder, the ubiquitous apartments listings catalog. The gallery of the more interesting site maps is here. I’ll add more as I finish them.



The Moon- Endless Factory Tarot deck

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The Moon_card_2












I return to a too-long-discarded idea, the Endless Factory Tarot. The concept of a massive factory complex, a conglomeration of machinery, resources, products, and people has given me some new ideas and gotten me out of a creative rut.

This card is The Moon. A subject dreams in her virtual reality prison. With nothing to guide her, she can only focus on herself. Thus she is trapped in infinite recursion, a false enlightenment that will reveal no answers. The flotsam of media surrounds her, blaring on every screen, more distractions, more input.

The Endless Factory Tarot deck

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I’m in the initial stages of The Endless Factory, a Tarot deck of my own design. The deck is themed around a vast factory complex, as big as a city, where the workers, consumers, and products blur in a hellish cybernetic conglomeration. Dehumanization goes hand in hand with mechanization.


The start of the deck is the Number III card, The Empress. She commands the Artificial Wombs of the next generation of creations, workers, and who knows what else. Her crown of diodes surmounts her modified head. Representing creativity, she’ll be a good start.


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